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When I was in high school, I always wondered what it would have been like to have gone to the same high school as some famous person like Julia Roberts or Brad Pitt. Now, in 2007, it's more than 20 years after my high school graduation, and I can honestly say I attended high school with a Hollywood actress. It's true; I can prove it — when she signed my yearbook, her message took a full page.

~ Bellamy Young ~
Bellamy Young

Pictured above is the actress I'm talking about, Bellamy Young, who was known as Amy Young when I last saw her. Back in December 2005, I noticed that she didn't have any fan pages or websites dedicated to her yet, so I thought maybe I should publish the first one.

I don't have much to offer all of you Bellamy Young fans who find my website looking for her. I don't know how to get in touch with her. I don't know her address or phone number. All I know is that she gets plenty of parts on television, including a really visible role on Scrubs in season three as Doctor Miller. I know that she has performed on Broadway. I know that you and I have both seen her in movies like We Were Soldiers and Mission Impossible 3.

And I know from page 28 of my AHS yearbook that she was voted "Most Talented" of my senior class.

I welcome your comments and submissions (photos, trivia, etc.)!

Vidcaps (screen captures)

Bellamy Young as Dr Miller on the show _Scrubs_
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question to all you people who seek information about the phrases "my belamy" and "my bellemy" -- is that the name of a band or something?

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